Hospitality & Tourism Management

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Hospitality and Tourism Management Program

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Enroll in the Highline College Hospitality and Tourism Industry Management program and get the technical skills and knowledge for this exciting industry. Whether you are new to the field, or already have a job and want to advance, Highline's programs emphasize relevant business-related courses. You will also participate in a cooperative work experience with hospitality/tourism-related businesses. Developed in cooperation with a variety of hospitality/tourism businesses and air transportation users, the programs are designed to prepare you for future responsibilities as a supervisor or manager.

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Hospitality and Tourism Management at Highline

Our courses in this field were developed in cooperation with many types of hospitality/tourism industry professionals. The program provides quality education to increase prospects for employment in these fields. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a cooperative work experience with hotels, restaurants, catering departments, travel agencies, tour operators, etc. Students should always plan their course of study -- whether it is a transfer program or the certificate degree--with the assistance of a faculty advisor.


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