Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management Careers

The Hospitality and Tourism Management program graduates work in the hotel, food and hospitality, travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines and tour companies.

In roles such as lodging manager and convention services manager, they work to make guests comfortable and satisfied with their services. They also perform a wide variety of tasks in roles such as travel agent, ticket agent, reservations agent and passenger service agents. The specific job responsibilities may vary - from giving advice on destinations and making arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, car rentals, tours and recreation to advising on customs regulations and exchange rates - but all jobs in hospitality and tourism include a strong focus on customer service.

Hotel managers may oversee all aspects of hotel operations, oversee budget allocations, assist guests and business clients with reservations and meeting facilities or manage daily restaurant and catering operations, including menu planning. Professionals in hospitality/tourism management must be able to solve problems and focus on details. People who choose these careers must have initiative, self-discipline, effective communication skills and the ability to organize and direct others while motivating the team.

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